Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

There is always something happening at CCU Alumni. Make sure to keep in contact with your Alumni session and or Ambassador. When you register with your related Alumni chapter you will receive always updated emails from CCU informing you about the next event you can participate.

CCU Alumni Swiss Chapter is organizing a roundtable dinner and activity On Saturday 28th April in Geneva, please make sure to register enough in advance and to confirm your dinning place on the roundtable.

CCU Alumni Europe Chapter celebrating an Alumni day event in Paris and gathers members of CCU Alumni from around Europe. Activity includes attending an amazing theatre-show and meeting your old University friends and colleagues as well as enjoying the cultural visit organized by CCU Ambassador to the city of Light& Dark

CCU International Alumni Chapter MENA is organizing info- day session about the launch of the new international Alumni session in Alexandria Egypt. The session will be attended by the President & CEO of CPI International Group, Dr. Hossam ElShazly , the President of CCU Professor Y-Pierre Pfeifer, The CCU Program Director in Alexandria,  with delegates from the Swiss Embassy in Egypt. Please make sure to contact your International Alumni Ambassador enough in advance to register for this event.  Event includes seminar about Corporate Education offered by CCU, as well as election process for the first CCU Alumni Ambassador to Egypt Chapter. Event is scheduled for 16 August in the Four-Season Hotel Alexandria.

International Sessions:

One of the unique advantages of being attached to CCU Alumni is the fact that you are part of the Alumni attached to the giant CPI International Group, the international world blockbuster organization. CCU Alumni chapters are available in 19 countries worldwide, supporting CCU students, graduates and network. Being a member of CCU Alumni, you are a member of a giant network of professionals who are occupying leading positions in many countries around the globe. CCU Alumni is more than a day event, a reunion gathering, a colleague's dinner or a class trip. It is a world of unlimited opportunities that can help you not only to change your life, but also to make a difference to the word around you.  Register for your international chapter today in USA, Europe, MENA, Russia or CIS and enjoy the world of opportunities.    

Becoming a CCU Alumni Ambassador in your country

CCU International Chapters are headed by Alumni Ambassadors in each country or region. An Alumni Ambassador acts as a life-link between the University and the local Alumni chapter in his/ her region or country. To become an Alumni Chapter you should be a graduate of the Cambridge Corporate University and you should be a national of the country you are applying for. You should also be able to locate sometime to organize at least one gathering each month in your country and develop a network of CCU and CPI Alumni in your area. If you are interested to become an official Alumni Ambassador to CCU in your country, please send us an email to alumni@cambridgecu.ch with your updated CV. The country you are applying for and your approach in leading your local chapter. Alumni Ambassadors are invited to an annual or bi-annual meeting of Ambassadors in Switzerland or abroad to exchange experience , attend training and introduced to new Alumni activities worldwide.     



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