Faculty Quotes

Professor Rita Burgett-Martell


"Business Transformation is about Understanding and being able to apply the elements of a successful business transformation is a critical capability that will be required of individuals in organizations where continual change has become the 'new normal'.

Organizations and individuals must be ready to adapt quickly to today's competitive environment to continue to exist.  Although change is often met with resistance, there is a methodology that can be followed to turn resistance to change into readiness for change.  This course will provide an overview of that methodology and step-by-step instruction on how to create a business transformation plan to effectively implement and sustain change''.

Rita Burgett-Martell is a Professor of Business Transformation at the Cambridge Corporate University, the Global Director of Business Transformation Department at the CPI International Group, and the author of Change Ready! How to Turn Change Resistance into Change Readiness. [Full Biography]

Professor Pinelopi Athanassopoulou


"Corporate education will be at the centre of Greece’s future particularly since our country has to rise from its ashes and fight for economic prosperity. Greeks always felt strongly about education and the online educational systems developed today provide Greek managers with an easy way to keep learning and become even better.

In times of economic downturn Greeks will turn towards corporate, online, education that can complement their practical experience and help them succeed in the global competitive environment."

Professor Athanassopoulou is a distinguished professor of Business Administration at the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland; she is also the current marketing Professor of at the University of PELOPONNESE in Greece. [Full Biography]

Professor Dr. Y.Pierre PFEIFER


"EDUCATION, in its traditional definition: 'the methods by which a society hands down from one generation to the next its knowledge'.

Unfortunately education developed into a system of programming individuals (developing only the left hemisphere logic and neglecting the right creativity. – Satisfying the demand of the economy, for the present.

CCU, the Institute for Innovation; through its particular corporate educational approach, is promoting creativity/ innovation, in other terms prepare people to meet the challenges of the future. It is not merely a subject; participating in a CCU course, seminar or study session changes the person’s vision, his/her philosophy/perception, and most important the purpose of life."

Professor Y-Pierre Pfeifer is the current President of the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland, the former Academic Dean at the Cambridge Philosophy Institute, the Vice President of International Operation at the CPI International Group,  Senior Board Member of the Cambridge Consulting Group.  [Full Biography]

Professor Dr. Hossam ElShazly


"The type of education offered at Cambridge Corporate University is a transforming, developmental experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep, practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment.

The word 'transforming' used here deliberately, as transformation is indeed what happens to our students. When talk with our alumni, you hear over and over again how deeply they were changed by the environment they found at CCU. Being attached to the Giant CPI International Group, students at CCU enjoy the unlimited access to resources, experience and industry experts who are changing the world every day."

Professor Dr. Hossam ElShazly is the President & CEO of the CPI International Group, the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012, an International Expert in Change management & Business Liaison. [Full Biography]

Dr. Frank Harper


Prof. Dr. Frank L. Harper Jr., Ph.D., PMP; a self-proclaimed global "Strategic hustler™", has received many local, national and international honors for his pioneering work in the fields of information technology, industrial ...[Full Biography]

Assistant Professor Lisa Askwith B.A. T.A.E A.P.M.A.


"High quality Corporate Education presented by industry experienced professionals is essential in today’s rapidly changing workplace. In a continually morphing economy and world you no longer have the luxury of being allowed years to learn about your industry, you simply have to hit the ground running with knowledge that allows you to stand out from the competition.

The only way to do that successfully is to be able to utilise the knowledge of professionals who have succeeded, and who can present that information to you in a form that you can quickly and effectively use to pursue your dreams and success."

Lisa is both formally qualified and highly experienced in the many different aspects of business success and people management. Having started her career with a degree in Arts majoring in psychology, Lisa quickly joined the corporate environment. [Full Biography]


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