Cambridge Foundation Program CFP

Program Objectives

The Cambridge Foundation Program serves the main mission of the Cambridge Corporate University, its institute and colleges in focusing on the practice more than the theory. The program aims at preparing participants to enter particular programs at the institute and its college and or serves as an independent very solid foundation for senior executives or middle line managers who are aiming to or occupying a higher senior position within the international industry. Participants are expected to reach a certain level of knowledge and information after completing the program. The program is customized for different levels and usually lectured in small groups to ensure the individual outcome of the different participants.

Program Structure (15 credits)

Participants are expected to complete the Cambridge Foundation Program in an average of 100 hours in order to be able to gain the 15 credits required to enter the program evaluation.

Program structure includes different topics as following:

1-Topics on Government Business and International Economics: (3 credits)

Topics on Government Business and International Economics (GBIE) at the CFC program aim at preparing the participants to gain a deep understanding of the main concept of the international economic structure as well as the governmental involvement at different levels. This part of the program carries an objective to prepare the mentality of participants to think, react and participate actively in the economic classes offered in different degrees and programs at the Cambridge Corporate University, its institute and colleges and or to be able to manage the international economic structure, policies and procedures facing many executives every day.

2- Topics on Strategic Management: (3 credits)

This part of the foundation program at the CCU School of Innovation aims at educating the participants about the latest advanced concepts in strategic management focusing on new researches, concepts, and techniques from leading institutes as well as the different analytical approaches in international management. Focus is also aimed at developing and managing various stages of the strategy formulation processes, and it prepares participants to successfully complete the comprehensive curriculum of Strategic Management offered at the University.

3- Topics on Data Analysis and Computer Science: (2 credits)

During any degree or program at the Cambridge Corporate University, participants have access to the state of the art computer tools. To be productive they have to understand how to efficiently navigate among the different tools and how to choose the best way to benefit from the available computer technology. This skill enhances their growth as a scholar-practitioner as it enables improved study habits which contributes to excelling professionally in their daily business analysis and decision making process. This part of the program is considered the main entry to the full detailed curriculum of Data analysis and project management offered at the CCU, its institute and colleges. 

4- Topics on Financial Management: (2 credits )

This part of the program aims at exploring the financial role the entrepreneur should play in an organization. It does not focus on certain technical parts of the financial management area.  The sole focus is on the financial mental set-up of the manager.  This course plays an important role in preparing the participants to gain a deep understanding of the full curriculum of financial management offered at the University, its institute and colleges. It also develops a strong foundation for managers and executives enabling them to manage the unlimited number of financial reports and data that they should deal with on daily basis.

5- Topics on Workshops: (3 credits)

Workshops are an essential part of the learning methodology at the CCU. It is also considered the main gate to the scenario case developed at the School of Innovation.  The CCU workshop brings students to the real world of business enabling them to manage, lead, decide and interact within real business- life parameters. Participants learn how to work in groups and how to structure productive work teams.  They also gain real-world experience in time management and work planning.

6- Topics on Research Methodology: (2 credits)

This part of the program prepares participants to be able to structure a productive and successful research agenda. It also focuses on topics related to thesis writing and index structure. Participants are expected to have a sufficient understanding of the basics of research methodology to be able to successfully complete the research topics required as a part of many degrees and programs at the Cambridge Corporate University and its schools, it also provides a solid understanding of using research in market studies and in the decision making process.

Program Fee

The tuition fee for the CFP program at the Cambridge Corporate University is 8,000 CHF including all study materials, case studies, software and textbooks. Registration fee of 150 CHF is applicable at the time of application. The program fee does not doesn't include housing or an accommodation fee. Payment plans are available in different models as well as scholarships for specific countries and regions. To know if you are illegible for a scholarship discount, please contact the registrar office at the University via email at: or contact the program director in your region.

How to apply

Applications for admission to the course should be made to the School of Innovation at the Cambridge Corporate University using the online application form or the PDF format. In addition to this form, applicants will also need to arrange for the following documents to be sent to the Board of Graduate Studies:

1. Up-to-date CV. With recent picture.

2. Two copies of a full official transcript of the applicant's academic record and authenticated degree certificate where appropriate. If these are not in English, they should be accompanied by notarized translations; however, the original documents must also be included.

The personal interview is an essential part of the application process.  Applicants can be interviewed via an online- interview tool, phone interview, face to face interview in Switzerland or by one of CCU certified programs' directors worldwide. For more information about each interviewing procedure and to arrange for an appointment please refer to the admission office at the School of Innovation at:, or contact CCU program director in your area.



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