Academics Overview


Cambridge Corporate University has a well-established reputation as a provider of business and management education and as a hub for research and consultancy activities. At CCU we are known for our innovation, for our professionalism and for our international experience. Cambridge Corporate University is a positive choice for those who are seeking higher education opportunities around the globe either via our Swiss campus or via one of the International campus worldwide.

Our practical approach, close-to-business strengths and corporate type of education make us good partners for international organizations and business institutes within our region and world-wide. We are proud both of our international profile, the attachment to CPI International Group, our regional position and we welcome contacts with all who share our interests. Our students come from many different backgrounds and traditions.

We offer a friendly and welcoming environment and, if you are considering taking up the opportunities that a Cambridge Corporate University education will offer, we will work with you to help you achieve your ambitions. We aim to challenge our students, seeking at all times to advance standards and expectations. We aim to provide the support that students need at the point when it is needed and offer opportunities to study through face-to-face tuition full-time, part-time or on a flexible learning basis.

Opportunities at CCU are unlimited, and attending one of our schools' programs in business, hospitality, banking, finance, politics or advanced research degree will change your life forever. It is a type of education that turns your dreams into reality and offers you the chance to change the world around you at, home, at work and in your society.



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