School of Innovation

School of Innovation

Innovation at CCU is not only a philosophy, but also a way of life. Being the first school of innovation worldwide to offer degrees and programs with focus on innovation and creativity management, the school of innovation at CCU is leader in its field. From the time of the invention of the CPI first certification program in innovation offered in 1983 to the first European structured curriculum in innovation management developed at the heart of Switzerland in 2003, CCU, its institute and colleges maintained a leading position in the field of innovation and creativity management worldwide. Today and at the time CCU and its institute is celebrating 30 years of quality education, innovation remains the core concept of all educational activities and programs at the University. 

The School of Innovation at CCU is the futuristic model of unconventional education where creativity is maximized and innovators are born. The school offers two programs within an industry focused-setup, which are lectured to by a group of reputable scholars and industry experts from the University, its institute, and the CPI International Group. The school hosts research groups focused on innovation management, creativity and strategic planning.  Our global thought leadership in innovation is shared through the publishing of regular peered-reviewed articles in areas of organizational development, innovation management, and creativity in the INNOVA-magazine. 



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