Christmas Course in Sharm ElSheikh

The Registrar office at the CCU Corporate Center is currently accepting applications for the leading program in Change Management.

"The Art of Managing Change"
20-24 December 2014
Sharm ElSheikh Resort

Join the world leaders to this trip into the future at the 5 stars luxury resort of Sharm ElSheikh.


The Art of Managing Change explores the principles of leading and managing effective change programs based on the research and writing of Professors, scholars, consultants and thought leaders from the Cambridge Corporate University, its Institute and Mother Company.

During the five-days session, participant will master key tools and principles of change management in different business, social and community setups.. By uniting some of the most respected minds in international business and the academic field; the curriculum is extremely intensive and focuses on key areas including the Psychology Track, Lecturing track, and Workshops.


The course will be lectured by two leading Professors from the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland and will be attended by world leading figures in business and change management.

Program Structure:

The art of managing change is structured and offered in small groups allowing for effective interaction among participants. The world class at the corporate center hosts participant with wide range of experience and from different countries worldwide. The recent program in our local campus in Switzerland involves executives from 15 countries. Participants are able to complete the program in 40-60 hours including the assessment and evaluation session.

1- Psychology Track
This unique learning methodology developed inside the corporate center focusing on offering specialized session on psychology-related subject. This  type of sessions prepare the participant to acknowledge the importance of emotional interaction at the workplace and its effect on managing change in different organizational level. It also develops unique and required personality traits and skills help executive to manage the ongoing challenge of change.

2- Lecturing Track
The program lectures offers an intensive access to the most advanced information, researches, industry practices and academic materials in the area of change management and business transformation, the lectures track is entirely linked to the psychology track. Lectures offers in different models and based on the mode of education used on campus, on-line or via one of our international campus worldwide.

3- Workshops
As an essential part of all CCU executive programs,  participants should be engaged in several workshops focus on enhancing the participants experience via CCU & CPI Scenario case studies,  and bringing the real business life to the classroom. Participants go through different cases and learn how to use models of analytical approach to manage change initiatives, how to form management transitional teams. They also work closely with their professor to develop the entire plan required for approaching, managing and balancing change initiates and formulate change management strategies.

Tuition Fee

Standard course fee: USD 2600
All payment to be made to the CCU bank account in Switzerland
For payment details, please contact the registrar office at:


Accommodation plans are available for course members via the registrar office for 5 - 10 nights starting from 19 December 2014 to January 1st, 2015.
Accommodation cost booked via the registrar office: USD 140 / Night full board.

Certification and Credits:

Participants who satisfy the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Cambridge Corporate University Corporate Center in addition to an official transcript for course credits.

In order to complete this course and receive a certificate of completion, you will need to actively take part in the course sessions and group activities during the period between 20-24 December.


Applications for admission to the program should be made to the admission office at the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland using the on-line application form. To apply for the program and to receive the application form, please contact the registrar office at Cambridge Corporate Center at:

If you would like to discuss your application or any part of the application process before applying, please contact: The Registrar Office Tel: +41 445866457 Email:

Please notice that this course is heavily subscribed and very popular and the places are limited. make sure to reserve your place and submit your application ASAP.

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