Students applying for admission at one of the degrees or programs at the Cambridge Corporate University either aiming to study online, or at the University main Campus in Switzerland, or in one of our international campuses worldwide, please download the application form at the prospective program page, fill the application ensuing that you define your learning model, sign it and send it back along with the required documents to the university registrar preferably via email to :  or by first class registered post (DHL, UPS, etc.) to:

CPI International Group

Postfach 6823 
Rank 10
6000 Luzern 6

Admission Procedures

  • Applications with full documents; all applications should be completed by the applicants and sent back to Cambridge Corporate University admission office, either via email or first class registered mail, please refer to the Application Checklist.
  • Applications for degrees and programs at the CPI Institute of Graduate Studies are accepted at the
    institute and the University addresses.

  • Upon receiving the full application, the relevant program committee will review the application and the accepted candidate will be notified promptly.
  • As a part of the admission processes at Cambridge Corporate University and its Institute, the candidate may require to attend a Skype interview, a personal interview and or a written exam in the institute or in one of the certified exam Centre worldwide; pleaserefer to the academic regulations for more information.
  • The accepted candidates will receive an official acceptance advice as well as the official tuition fee invoice,
    upon receiving of your payment, the office of the University Registrar will issue your official admission letter to the degree or the program you are admitted to.
  • For students applying for admission to study at the CCU campus in Switzerland, please refer to the Swiss embassy or the Swiss Consulate in your country, concerning the visa- application procedure for students in Switzerland.
  • Students applying from oversees or for one of the Cambridge Corporate University Online programs, please contact the Registrar office to enquire about your illegibility for partial (25 %) or full ( up to 60%) Scholarship discount. Some of the main conditions for applying for the University scholarship include: 
  1. Being a citizen of one of the listed countries in the 3rd world , Africa, and Latin America;
  2. Being a member of Cambridge / CPI Community Club worldwide;
  3. Having a business affiliations with the University or with the CPI International Group offices worldwide;
  4. Being a residence or a citizen of one of the UN announced crisis areas;
  5. Being an innovative scientist / researcher or thought leader who works to add value to the world of knowledge.
  • For any information, questions, or to receive an application form for a specific program, or degree, please contact the registrar office at the Cambridge Corporate University via email at: or call CCU hotline at: (41) 44-5866-456

    Please feel free to download the Program Brochure in PDF format here down below, for further information, please contact the registrar office at
    Students Handbook Brochure


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