Learning Model

On Campus – Online 

At the Cambridge Corporate University, you have the option to complete your degree either on campus in Switzerland, on one of our international campus available in 19 countries worldwide, or via our unique model of online education, where you can study, interact and complete your degree entirely online. The CCU unique model of online education appeals to the needs of busy executives in this century and offers one of the most informative and challenging models of education, where you interact with executives and students from different cultures where attending online life lectures with thought leaders, industry experts and 
scholars from the University, its institute, college as
well as from the giant CPI International Group.

The Online Master degree at the Cambridge Corporate University 
''The first Master of Business Administration MBA with Major In Creative Thinking''


Online Education at CCU

If you are thinking of doing an online MBA degree where you think it’s the easy way to complete a postgraduate study, so you’re not in the right place. 

Our MBA program is considered as one of the most challengeable and innovative program that requires the participant to think critically during all of his/her studies. If you are accepted at our MBA program, be sure that you will be able to make a difference in any place you join and to create a value in your own business environment.

Online study at CCU Switzerland

The Online model of study at CCU Switzerland corresponds to the Swiss Cambridge modern innovative mode of delivery and participation. All our online programs are designed to meet the requirements of the 21st century professionals who aim to create a difference in the new world of change.

Earn your degree Online

At CCU Switzerland, you can earn your degree entirely online. Our online campus applies an innovative approach enables students to study, interact, learn, work in groups and attend face to face lectures and workshops with scholars and Professors from around the globe. 

Study that fits your life

At CCU Switzerland you can complete your study and earn your prestigious degree when keeping your job and maintaining your income. The flexible model of study used at the CCU online classes allows students to plan their time of study based on their life agenda and enjoy a real corporate life mode of study and achievement.

An Innovative Approach

The innovative approach of the CCU online model of learning is no different than all models applicable at the University, it is innovative and unique. CCU is an institute chooses innovation as its way of life and you will feel and practice this in each day of your study at the University. Our Unique approach was developed on the following modern learning mechanisms and techniques:

  • The Scenario-Case approach
  • Face to face online lectures, workshops and workgroups
  • Exchange of experience among professionals from around the globe
  • The CCU Questions Discussions Articles approach
  • Project learning concept
  • Practicum option for both undergraduate and postgraduates students
  • Consulting Project as part of your study and program
  • Personal attention throughout he entire period of study   


Quality of Learning

When you aim to earn your degree via the online model of study at the prestigious world-leading Cambridge Corporate University, you have to expect that your study will be demanding and challenging. There is no difference between you and any student on campus. Both degrees and models or study are identical and apply typical approach and philosophy of learning. At the same time we offer our online students the flexibility to organize their time of study around their professional daily schedule, we employ top modern follow-up and learning techniques that ensure the achievement of every module and each course objectives. 









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