Research at CCU aims to develop innovative solutions to help in attending the world's needs and challenges and to try to improve the quality of life of human beings

everywhere.  CCU research centers and labs focus on delivering answers to open questions and challenges in the fields of the Pharmaceutical, Education, Computer Science,  and Energy sectors.


Institute research by topic:

Social Sciences Translational medicine
Innovation  Renewable Energy
Humanities International Studies
Robotics Economics
Philosophy Political Science
Business and Management Medical Sciences
Healthcare management Education

Postdoctoral Information:

CCU aims at developing a growing community of Postdoctoral scholars who hold doctoral and pursue research under the supervision of CCU faculty and publish in INNOVA journal. The Vice President of Research office is the concerned place with the Postdoctoral research activity and works very closely with the University Board of Trustees and the University President.

Postdoctoral Fellowship:  

To receive more information about the Postdoctoral research , policies and activities as well as to apply for Postdoctoral fellowship at the Cambridge Corporate University, please contact the office of the Vice-President of Research at:

VP-Research@cambridgecu.ch with your questions and or clarifications. You can also apply for one of the Postdoctoral current research projects  and have answers about resources of funding and support by contacting the Postdoctoral office at Postdoctoral@cambridgecu.ch  



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