School of Government


The School of Government at CCU Switzerland is an international school of diplomacy and international relations. Being attached to the Geneva section of world leading organizations and with a group of talented faculty and though leaders in Politics, Governmental Relations, Policy Making and Public Service, we are proud of offering cutting-edge degrees and programs for our international students preparing them to lead and engage in political and public-service activities changing the world every day.

Our Team of Faculty

At the School of Government inside CCU Switzerland, you will have the opportunity to work and listen to prominent politicians and public-service officers from more than 18 countries worldwide. It is business as usual to attend a lecture by a former Presidential Candidate, a current member of the Parliament, former Minister of International Relations, top ranked World Economic Forum Speaker, known United Nations Policy Maker, or a leading figure from the European Commission. We are offering our students the environment, circumstance and type of education that enable them to be engaged as leaders in the fields of Politics, Public Service, Policy Making, International relations, Political Change and Decision Making.

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland remains the hub of the world and the place where nations agreed to meet to resolve world conflicts, discuss new international initiatives, and change the world. From the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, the World Economic Forum, the Red Cross Commission, to the Human Right Watch Organization are very few examples of the wide range of International Organizations hosted today by Switzerland.

Please feel free to download the Program Brochure in PDF format here down below, for further information, please contact the registrar office at
School of Government Brochure



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