About Albert Schweitzer School of Management


Welcome to the Albert Schweitzer School of Management at the Cambridge Corporate University, ASSM is where the future is created.

ASSM is the official postgraduate academic body of the University and the home to leading academic bodies and institutions including the CIGS- CPI Institute for Graduate Studies and the CCU Corporate Centres.
At the CIGS, researchers and doctoral students are working hard with a group of though leaders, innovative scholars and international corporations to add to the filed of knowledge, and enhance the quality of life of human on earth. It is only at the CIGS that you can join world though leaders, academicians and corporate icons in the top ranked Postdoctoral Fellowship program.


The CCU Corporate Centre is the gate to the future where futurists are born, and where the CCU corporate model of education is changing the approach of business leaders everyday. It is only at CCU corporate centre you learn how to change the world and to create wealth. CCU offers a broad range of programs including the top leading Corporate Diplomacy and the Art of Managing Change programs.

ASSM is the home to world leading MBA programs offered only at CCU including the first MBA in Critical Thinking and the world Ranked # 1 MBA program with major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management. The General MBA program at the ASSM is the leading model of corporate education for business professionals. ASSM is one of the very few top academic institutions where you can enrol in the leading MBA program with major in Renewable Energy Management.


Albert Schweitzer School of Management offers a broad range of management programs for business professionals :

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
CFP- Cambridge Foundation Program
MBA – General Track
MBA- Critical Thinking Major
MBA- Pharmaceutical Industry Management
MBA- Renewable Energy Management
MBA- Health Care Management

The CIGS at the Albert Schweitzer School of Management offers a number of top leading doctoral programs in different disciplines . The CIGS also accepts application for the senior leading PostDoctoral Fellowship Program.

PhD- Doctor of Philosophy
DBA- Doctor of Business Administration
EdD- Doctor of Education
PDF- Post Doctoral Fellowship

CCU Corporate Centre offers a broad range of programs at ASSM:

The Art of Managing Change programs
Corporate Diplomacy
Strategic Business Analysis
Innovation Management Diploma
Business Intelligence
Renewable Energy Management

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