Program Overview

Cambridge Corporate University Postdoctoral Fellowship Program aims to expand the number of professors and executives who hold a doctoral degree and would like to become a lifelong fellow of the institute and in addition to enter the academic life of the institute as CCU professors. All graduates of the CCU Fellowship program hold the status of 'CCU Ambassador of Goodwill' in their country or region. The Program hosted by the CPI Institute of graduate studies at CCU and considered as one of the top elite programs at the university.

Each fellow in the program is given the opportunity to develop as a scholar and as an independent researcher. Ultimately the program seeks to position CCU scientists and policy analysts in leadership, teaching, research, public service and national health policy positions.

Each fellow is associated with a faculty mentor who assists in the transition to an academic career. With the help of their mentor, fellows establish their own research agenda, present their research in schools and national settings, gain experience in publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals and in obtaining grant support, participate in teaching related to their field, and learn to develop their own courses. Fellows also participate in other activities designed to involve them fully in the formal and informal life of the academic community and public service. The program also matches the requirements of senior executives and public service officers who plan for a higher career in public service or politics.

Application Requirements

Applicant requires a minimum of 2 years to complete the program, the progress of the research and the committee of the program are the main two factors govern the completion of the program. In an exceptional case the committee may accept the candidate proposal to complete the program within 1 year.

The CCU Postdoctoral Fellowship Program operates under the aegis of the Division of the Doctoral Office at Cambridge Philosophy Institute of graduate studies in the university.

How to Apply for the Program

There is no particular deadline for applying to the program; the main key element is the availability of the faculty member for the fellowship program.

Application Process

The process started by the completed application form with full accompanied documents to be sent to the doctoral committee at the institute.

The application will go through the selection process by the doctoral committee at the institute, accepted nominees are notifies in due time.

The applicant can start the program at any time within one year of his first nomination, after this period, the applicant will require a new application.


Program Fee

The postdoctoral fellowship program fee is 40’000 Swiss francs , the fee does not include any accommodation cost, Payment plans are available in different models and based on the approval of the fellowship admission office.

Scholarships are also available for specific countries and regions. For public service and health-care officers, scholarship may reach 20'000 Swiss francs based on the approval of the doctoral office. Please consult the doctoral office at the Cambridge Corporate University for detailed information at: doctoral@cambridgecu.ch

To receive an application form, please contact the university registrar defining the program you are applying for at: registrar@cambridgecu.ch

Placement Opportunities at CCU and CPI International Group

As a part of the program all candidates offered different opportunities for teaching position with the institute and the university, as well as participate in different academic activities overseas ( teaching positions are currently available in Europe and Middle East ).

Fellows of the institute are invited to participate in the institute development plane in their own countries. The institute offer different opportunities for entrepreneurs interested to enter the academic business sector and to represent CCU and CPI International Group in business ventures worldwide. For more information about the placement process, please contact the doctoral office at: doctoral@camabirdgecu.ch


To fill and save the application form attached here below on your computer, you need either Adobe Acrobat Professional or the free software at http://www.pdfescape.com

Post Doctoral Admission Form.PDF

Please feel free to download the Program Brochure in PDF format here down below, for further information, please contact the registrar office at registrar@cambridgecu.ch

Fellowship Program Brochure

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