MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management

MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management


“At CCU, You learn to Practice, Practice to Apply, Apply to Innovate and Innovate to Excel’’

        Dr. Hossam ElShazly 
        President & CEO
        CPI International Group


Who is this program for?

Welcome to CCU new leading MBA Program. You have just joined us at the right time, CCU is launching its new MBA in ”PIM”: Pharmaceutical Industry Management. We believe that you will find it outstanding and informative. We strongly encourage you to contact us for any more information about this worldwide leading program in PIM.

This internationally relevant corporate MBA program is intended for professionals working in the broad area of the international pharmaceutical industry. Participants likely to gain most from the program are those involved in sales, marketing, product management, decision-making, leading positions, business development, business policy and strategic management.


Who developed this program?

This program has been developed by the Cambridge Corporate University, school of business administration, in partnership with the CPI Institute of Graduate Studies ‘CIGS’. Each module has been developed by authors from the university, its institute and college ensuring that a range of perspectives are integrated in the course material. Dozens of industry experts and thought leaders from the international pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland and abroad participated in the preparation and development of the curriculum to create the first world leading MBA in PIM.


Our graduates are future leaders of the industry!

The program focuses on enhancing the creativity, the ability to achieve, while developing the required professional skills of the participants preparing them systematically to excel in 

leading and management positions across the industry. The program provides comprehensive foundation to master the skills of business development, product launch, strategic management, product life cycle management, marketing intelligence, licensing, negotiation, market access management, HRM and value creation with focus on international industry standards. Successful graduates are future candidates for top leading positions in the industry. 

The program is structured in small groups only, using the unique corporate approach of CCU and offers students the opportunity to live and develop within a life-interacted curriculum built on most advanced industry standards and business techniques. 




On Campus or Online

At the Cambridge Corporate University, students have the option to complete their degree on campus in Switzerland,
or online via the CCU unique model of online studies. The CCU

corporate approach to online education appeals to the needs of busy professionals in the international pharmaceutical industry offering one of the most informative and challenging models of studies. It is the only online model offers participants the opportunity to interact with industry experts, industry scholars and thought-leaders via life learning and lecturing media.


The MBA-‘PIM’ at the Cambridge Corporate University is the first Master of Business Administration Program with a major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management’

Professor Y-Pierre Pfeifer
CCU President


MBA-PIM ‘ World of Professionals’

The MBA-PIM program is the only available accredited challengeable, and innovative program, which focuses on developing the managerial, developmental, and leadership capabilities of

the international pharmaceutical industry. Participants study, interact, learn and apply, the most advanced set of concepts and tools to their day-to-day work and operation. They live in a world of professionals who think and act the same way, talk the same language, but learn how to create, innovate and add value to their strategic and operational activities in this top demanding industry.


MBA-PIM: ‘Industry Futuristic Model’  

CCU is an institution that chooses innovation as its main focus, and has been the ‘Home of Innovators’ for more than three decades. This innovative nature and structure reflects on the way the program is delivered and students interact with their instructors and their classmates. At the CCU we invented an innovative-based methodology that matches the requirements of the first MBA in pharmaceutical industry management and we are very successful in bringing this innovative classroom to the online pharmaceutical MBA-world.

At CCU we believe that online education represents the 21st century way of knowledge transfer, where flexibility is important, but quality makes the difference in a world of unlimited change. With more than 250 articles and business cases from multinational giants in the pharmaceutical industry, you will become involved in a new world of critical thinking where you define the new parameters of your study, but within a system of quality that ensures efficiency. Our program will change the way you approach problems, formulate plans, forecast sales, structure teams, forecast and budget sales, managing cost and define strategies. The MBA in PIM program will challenge your mental-setup to transfer you into a futuristic leader and an innovative strategist in your industry.


Structure of Best-Fit

This MBA-PIM program was structured on the ‘Best-Fit’ delivery technique, which was invented by a group of talented scholars at the Cambridge Corporate University. This innovative structure allows you to adjust your study with the rest of your life; not only through the flexible online-offering work, but also through a structure that links all your business activities to your study program.


An Innovative Approach

The innovative approach of the CCU online model of learning is no different than all models applicable at the University,
it is innovative and unique. Our unique approach for the MBA with 
a major in PIM was developed  on the following 
modern learning mechanisms and techniques:


  • The Pharmaceutical Scenario-Case Approach
  • Face to face online lectures, workshops and workgroups
  • Exchange of experience among professionals from around the globe
  • The CCU Questions Discussions Articles approach
  • Placement Opportunities for Practical Learning in Switzerland and Abroad 
  • Personal attention throughout he entire period of study
  • Unlimited Career opportunities using the Alumni Career service at CCU  


MBA-PIM Business Unusual 

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management is a type of the corporate business unusual, which is the specialty of the Cambridge Corporate University. The program focuses on developing the ability of participants to analyze business issues and to formulate strategies that work. You will not be surprised to complete your degree with much more than an MBA, but with a complete new experience that brings you to the next level in your profession. During your study you will design a new strategic map for your business and you will write articles that could change the way your company operates. You will master branding, business development, and launching activities, become an expert in regional management, forecasting and budgeting, and have enough information about drug licensing, and regulatory affairs activities.  


Our PIM Classes 

Our PIM classes and workshops are designed around our people, so that a harmonious and productive environment is achieved. What you hear and feel from the time you join the class engages you in the cooperative effort and "can-do" approach of students, faculty and administration, all working in unison. We firmly believe that we can give people a much better class of education within such an environment built on the power of mutual respect and understanding. The innovation system that is designed by scholars from CCU, and its institute is built on what is called the ‘human organization’ where the power of interaction is the ultimate power to achieve objectives. Our Master class in Pharmaceutical Industry Management are one best example for the equation of ‘diversity-innovation-wealth’, where you engage with industry professionals and thought leaders from around the globe. It is also the policy of the limited number of students in each class that gives students the opportunity to get the best of their instructors, and advisors.


A Full Team of Professionals



Cambridge Corporate University is proud of its faculty. Faculties who have outstanding academic credentials, are authors of groundbreaking books and articles, and are leading authorities in their respective fields. As professors, board members, consultants and field researchers, they have an immeasurable wealth of real-world expertise. They also are recognized experts on global pharmaceutical business and industry turnaround business. They maintain relationships with top companies around the world and occupy leading positions as elite industry consultants. In addition to that, all faculty members who are teaching at the CCU online program have been certified as skillful online instructors who are able to use the best-fit structure approach. Faculties who teach at the MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management include ex and current leaders from the top 5 industry multinationals, world recognized pharmaceutical business transformational consultants and international experts in industry liaison.


MBA Advisor

Once you have submitted an application form, or requested information about the online-MBA program in pharmaceutical management, a specialized MBA advisor will contact you by phone or email to arrange for a phone or Skype interview. This interview is quite important to ensure your ability to join such a special program and will give you the chance to ask any question you have in mind. Your MBA advisor will discuss with you all study and financial details including different options for payment-plans in order to help you to land on your best option. Our MBA advisors will take care of you until the time you are admitted to the program.


Program Manager

Once you have been admitted to the MBA program at CCU, your program manager will become your all time guide for the rest of your degree. Your program manager will be your main reference during the program and you can contact him/her at any time with any questions, concerns, observation or comments with regards to your classes, modules, schedule, enrolment, attendance, and assessment. We have made sure that our program managers have been trained on the best level to deal with their tasks and to help you to make your time at CPI, such a rewarding and productive experience.


Technical Support

CCU is using an advanced and easy to use soft ware that is designed by another sister company, CPITecK®, this software is one of the best plat-forms used for online education. The research-based methodology invented by CCU gives you the option to work both on-line and off-line and to complete all your assignments without technical problems.


Why People Come to CCU 


The World Class

CCU is an educational and research institution that teaches students how to manage the new world of change and how to deal with both the speed and the scale of the process. One of the drivers of this new world of change is globalization, where CCU international classes are designed in a new global dimension that ensures diversity and innovation as well as maximizes creativity and productivity. Our world class focuses on the ability of people from different backgrounds and different cultures to work together and to generate wealth out of innovation. Your world-class at the MBA program with a major in pharmaceutical industry management in another face of your international pharmaceutical organization; where you learn to practice, and practice to innovate, and innovate to excel.




  • The MBA with major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management is the degree of choice for professionals working in the international world-class pharmaceutical industry.
  • MBA-PIM is the first and only postgraduate accredited degree with a major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management available worldwide.
  • CCU is the worldwide ranked number 1 specialized institute in the field of corporate education; innovation and creativity management.
  • CCU is fully accredited on both national and international level; awarded top international awards from world recognized professional institutions, and represents more than 30 years of quality education.  
  • The wealth of academic and corporate experience embedded in the program makes our graduates equal to wealth; able of changing the world around them and are future selected candidates for leading industry positions.
  • The MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management is the only postgraduate degree that introduces students to 21st century concepts and tools of the industry.
  • The MBA-PIM offers students a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals and top industry advisors from top leading industry multinationals.
  • The only MBA of its kind offers graduates the possibility of international placements and practicum work within industry giants in Switzerland and abroad. 


Program Structure

Students enrolled in the MBA-PIM must complete a Foundation module before they move to other core modules in the program. The MBA consists of eight modules each lasts for 6 weeks including the foundation one (each worth 15 credits) and a final research project (worth 60credits), for a total of 180 credits.

The first five modules of the MBA program are obligatory modules and are taken by all students. Students then take two specialization modules with comprehensive focus on the pharmaceutical industry advanced practices. Students without a specialization have a free choice over the elective modules they take. Students on a specialization track have to take at least two of the modules offered on their specialization track - see below for details. Each module lasts for six weeks. The dissertation or consultancy project phase lasts six months.


CORE / OBLIGATORY MODULES (15 credits each)


  • Foundation Module
  • Organizational Context in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Marketing Management for Pharmaceutical Marketers
  • Human Resource Management In Multinational Structure
  • Balanced Score Card for the Pharmaceutical Industry / BSC-Pharma


Program Description:


Foundation Module:

This module is designed to prepare and equip students with the required skills and tools to enroll in the MBA-PIM program at the Cambridge Corporate University. It introduces students to the core model of pharmaceutical case analysis and self-study skills at the University. It also develops the required foundation for the academic writing skills and provides students with opportunities for application and practice in writing well crafted academic articles.


The module also introduces participants to 21st century concept and approach in Pharmaceutical Project Management ‘PPM, preparing them for the intense module in project management, which consists an integrated part of their study in the MBA-PIM program. Students will also learn different systems used in academic referencing and citation and trains students to use the Harvard system in writing their weekly DQA.

As an integrated part of this module, students will spend part of their studies understanding the MBA approach and what does it mean to be enrolled in one of the top MBA programs at CCU.

In this foundation module, students will also have the opportunity to use the Case Analysis Coach software, which brings them state of the art academic methodology in reading, analyzing and commenting on top ranked industry articles and cases. Participants will also have the opportunity to watch exceptional quality business videos introducing them to the corporate concept in education and bringing them to real life interviews with world leading entrepreneurs.   


Organizational Context in the Pharmaceutical Industry 

In this module, students will be introduced to the most advanced concept in the industry with focus on the pharmaceutical organizational behavior subjects. Participants get introduced to the management functions, roles, and skills of the industry in this century bringing them to the new approach required for a senior pharmaceutical manager in dealing with diversity, globalization, and industry ethical behavior.

The module also trains participants on using very advanced management concepts within international pharmaceutical structure; these concepts include: emotional intelligence, local and regional team development and management, decision making strategies and techniques, leadership styles and perception, stress management, and international communication within the pharmaceutical industry.   


Marketing Management for Pharmaceutical Marketers

The module MM for pharmaceutical marketers is the real answer for professionals aim to focus on a marketing career within the international pharmaceutical industry. The module offers a comprehensive training on main industry marketing concepts including the very advanced ones. In this module students will study and master how to formulate a professional marketing plan and campaign, how to manage a multi-sequential branding campaign, how to master the process of product launch, and how to control and monitor a product life-cycle. Participants will be also introduced to major marketing concept within the industry including: strategic marketing, global marketing, marketing research and information systems, pharmaceutical market segmentation, marketing channels and supply chain, integrated marketing communication, personal selling and sales promotion, pricing management and e-marketing.


Human Resource Management In Multinational Structure

HRM module is one of the very advanced modules in the MBA program with major in the Pharmaceutical Industry Management; It is an essential foundation for senior management position in the industry, particularly with the trend in some multinationals to occupy the HR department with more strategic functions that other business sections in the industry. In this module students will be introduced to the strategic role of HRM, the recruitment and placement function within the pharmaceutical industry, the training and development role, the compensation structure and management, and the global role of HRM with multinational pharmaceuticals in the 21st century.  


Balanced Score Card for the Pharmaceutical Industry / BSC-Pharma

The BSC-Pharma module is a specialized module that trains students on the application of the Balanced Score Card developed by Kaplan & Norton from Harvard Business School. The module offers a customized model of the BSC developed by industry experts and world leading scholars at the Cambridge Corporate University to be used in the Strategic Planning Process in the pharmaceutical industry. The module titled BSC-Pharma at CCU focuses on developing the senior management capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry in the use of the BSC system, applications and softwares. This module covers many important industry-related topics including: visionary pharmaceutical metrics, strategic tools in the pharmaceutical industry, linking budgeting to strategic goals and functions, creating knowledge organization, integration of forecasting function to resources planning and strategy implementation.   



Elective and specialization modules (15 credits each)

Students take two modules from this list. Students without a specialization have a free choice over the elective modules they take, whilst those on a specialization track have to make at least two of the modules offered on their specialization track - see below for details.


  • Financial Management for pharmaceutical managers
  • Pharmaceutical Economics
  • Pharmaceutical Business in Emerging Markets
  • Regulatory Affairs and Drug Licensing Processes
  • Innovation Management in the 21st Century
  • Change Management & Business Transformation in the Pharma Industry
  • Global Leadership and Pharma Entrepreneurs 
  • Investment Strategies Pharmaceutical Startups 
  • Healthcare Management
  • Marketing in a Global Environment
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Product Development
  • Services Marketing in Pharmaceutical Context



After successfully completing eight modules, students on the MBA program complete a final research project. This is either a dissertation that focuses on a consultancy project remains for 24 weeks and focuses on industry related topics applicable to students day to day business and operation.



Students choosing to complete a dissertation will identify an appropriate research topic, critically select and apply appropriate research methodology and data collection methods to their chosen research topic, and demonstrate a rigorous understanding of the theory and literature relevant to the issues under investigation. The dissertation will be 15,000 –20,000 words.


Entry requirements

Applicants for the MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management are expected to have achieved, or expect to achieve, a very high standard in a degree course of equivalent level to a UK Bachelor's degree with honors. In most countries this is a first degree (Bachelor's, Licentiate, Vordiplom) but from some countries a Master's level degree may be required. Minimum industry related experience of 2 years is also required. Proficiency in English, participants should be able to produce well- structured work, summarize key points clearly and discuss issues in writing from different points of view. There are no formal limitations on the subjects that may have been studied for a first degree, but we would normally expect applicants to have a firm grounding in the sciences, social sciences or humanities, and to have taken some courses of relevance to management studies.


Program Fee

The tuition fee for the MBA program in Pharmaceutical Industry Management at Cambridge Corporate University is 26,000 CHF, including study materials, case studies, software; etc. registration fee of 150 CHF is applicable at the time of application. The program fee doesn't include housing or an accommodation fee. Payment plans are available in different models and based on the approval of the admission office. Scholarships are also available for students who are enrolled in the online program from specific countries and regions, especially third world countries citizens. Scholarship program for pharmaceutical professionals offers a financial aid that may reach 40% on the listed tuition fee.  Payment plans are also available for online students who have been accepted in the scholarship program. Please consult the scholarship office at the Cambridge Corporate University for detailed information at:



How to apply

Applications for admission to the program should be made to the admission office at the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland using the online electronic application form. The form should be sent via email to the Registrar office at the CCU via email at:
In addition to these forms, applicants will also need to arrange for the following documents to be sent by email to the registrar office at CCU:

  • Two-signed reference letters either from an industry or academic origin. Referees should be asked to indicate how the applicant ranks in his or her year group  or in relation to the best students that the referees have taught. They should also include their email, fax and telephone numbers. If referees are not fluent in  English, their references should be written in a language in which they are fluent, but should be accompanied by notarized translations.
  • Copies of a full official transcript of the applicant's academic record and authenticated degree certificate where appropriate. If these are not in English, they    should be accompanied by notarized translations; however, the original documents must also be included.
  • If the applicant cannot demonstrate fluency in the English language, and was not involved in English language study or work an IELTS or TOEFL test report      will be required.

    Please feel free to download the Program Brochure in PDF format here down below, for further information, please contact the registrar office at
    MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management Brochure


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