About CCU 

Welcome to the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland. For over 30 years the University, its institute and college offered quality educational programs for students and professionals worldwide.


With facilities and offices in Zurich, Chur, Wallis, Glion, Lucerne and Leuk, the University, its institute and college recorded a history as an academic hub and home for innovators around the world. At the CPI institute of Graduate Studies the concept of corporate education was born and disseminated to Europe, North America and MENA. The unique model of learning at CCU, makes the University’s programs available on campus and online and provides the online infrastructure required to educate professionals worldwide. The scenario case-study model developed at the Cambridge Corporate University offers students a unique opportunity to develop a real-life and corporate experience.


The type of education offered at Cambridge Corporate University is a transforming, developmental experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep, practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment. The word 'transforming' is used here deliberately, as transformation is indeed what happens to our students. When you talk with our alumni, you hear repeatedly how deeply the environment they found at CCU changed them.

Everything about the University – its unique Swiss educational culture, its remarkable faculty who teach with skill and passion, its extraordinary students – works to create an unparalleled environment for learning and growth, the unique model of online lecturing that brings real world experience through leading practicing practitioners from all over the global to students in their international campus. So much of what our alumni remember about their years at CCU is the process of learning and teaching they shared with their classmates – enhancing their ability to listen and think, and developing a deeper understanding of themselves in addition to the distinctive and important task of leadership. All this comes together in the classroom.

At CCU, we believe that education should provide more than knowledge and tools. It should build a foundation for a lifetime of leadership. We believe that innovation is the core concept of tomorrow’s education furthermore we know that diversity and innovation are linked throughout human history. The University is an official subsidiary of the giant CPI International Group with offices, subsidiaries, business and consultants in more than 19 countries worldwide.


Academic Quality

Cambridge Corporate University is renowned for the quality of its teaching. The University and its Institute work together to ensure that students receive an excellent education through lectures, seminars, classes and supervisions. The quality of teaching in lectures and supervisions is monitored by the University faculty and its’ Institute, who arrange feedback on courses and organize appropriate student representation of relevant bodies within the University and the Institute.


These may include teaching committees, degree committees and staff/student consultative committees or advisory groups. The University also receives feedback from students through tutors and directors of studies, which also provide personal and individual educational support. The senior tutor’s committee and the general education committee at the University review the quality assurance mechanisms. The University and its Institute are committed to providing useful information on its educational provision and makes available information to illustrate its commitment to high standards of learning and teaching. The Institute of Graduate Studies is the primary source of information on educational developments and changes to courses offered by the University and the Institute. Various indicators of quality and standards of learning and teaching are also available.



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