Project Hope

Project Hope

Cambridge Corporate University recognizes the role of academic institutions in making the world a better place and understands the responsibility we share toward the humanity. Dr. Hossam ElShazly, the current President and CEO at the CPI International Group was involved in the make and follow-up of the 25th January revolution in Egypt. He participated effectively in the making of the new face of democratic and free Egypt. At the age of 42 he was the youngest candidate for Presidency and represented the HOPE for a better Egypt.

Today and as part of his current activities inside CPI Switzerland leading a multinational operation in 21 countries worldwide, Dr. ElShazly is forming an International Team of Peace activities, Democracy advocates , scholar, intellectuals, business figures & though leaders to drive the new project 'HOPE' for making the world a better place. The project is totally sponsored by the CPI International Group and focus on improving the quality of life of human beings and providing aids and support to crisis regions around the globe. To know more about this initiative or to volunteer to be part of the international team of the project , please write to MariaLuise Lindenthaler at



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