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The Healthcare Institute (HCI)

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Deanship of Renewable Energy Management (DRE)
International Energy Unit (IEU)

BBA Program /9 different Academic Majors

Master Programs
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA in Creative Thinking (MBA-CT)
MBA in Innovation Management (MBA-IM)
MBA in Digital Transformation (MBA-DT)
MBA in Crowd Innovation (MBA-CI)
MBA in Private Banking (MBA-PB)
MBA in Wealth Management (MBA-WM)
MBA in Insurance (MBA-IS)
MSc in Inspiration Economy (MSc-IE)
MSc in Renewable Energy Management (MSc-RE)
MSc in Climate Change Management & Economics (MSc_CME)
Master in Political Science (MPS)
Master in Public Administration (MPA)
Swiss Master in Hospitality Management (SMHM)
MBA in Linguistics & Philosophy (MBA_LPH)
MA of Arts in Culture, Media and Creative Industries (MA-CMC)
MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management (MBA-PIM)
MPH Master in Public Health
MIP Master in Infection and Prevention Control
Master in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics _ (MSc_MAR)
Master of Artificial intelligence with major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management (MAI-PIM)
Master of Artificial intelligence with major in HealthCare Management (MAI-HCM)

Doctoral Programs
PhD in Change Management & Business Transformation
DBA in Innovation Management & DigitalTransformation
PhD in Innovation Management
DBA in Private Banking and Investment
PhD in Renewable Energy Management
PhD in Climate Change Management & Economics
PhD in Political Economy & Government
PhD in Public Policy
Doctor of Education (EdD)
Doctor of Business Administration in linguistics & Culture
Doctor in Pharmaceutical Industry Management (DBA/PIM)
Doctor of Public Heath(DrPH)
PhD in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics
PhD in Supply Chain Automation

Postdoctoral Fellowship

CCU Corporate Center ( CCC)

Balanced Score Card for the Pharmaceutical Industry (BSC-Pharma) (6Weeks)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) (9Weeks)

The Innovation Systems (IS) (6Weeks)

Leadership in the Digital Transformation Age (6Weeks)

Introduction to Private Banking (6Weeks)

Introduction to Wealth Management (6Weeks)

Infection Control Management ICM_COVID19 (6Weeks)

Auditing & Control International Setups (6Weeks)

Introduction to Insurance Management (9Weeks)

Product Management in Pharmaceutical Industry (6Weeks)

Cambridge Switch Certification (CSC) (100 Hours)

Senior Management Certification (SMC) (12Months)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) (6Weeks)

Introduction to Renewable Energy Management (REM)
 (9 Weeks)

Strategic Business Analysis (6Weeks)

Introduction to Project Management (9 Weeks)

Academic and Technical Writing (6Weeks)

Introduction to Supply Chain Management Automation
 (9 Weeks)

Renewable Energy Management

Strategic Business Analysis SBA


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