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Business Administration Program

Program duration
18 monthes

Mode of learning
18 monthes

Weekly live lectures

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06 September 2022

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offered via different departments at the Albert Schweitzer School of Management (ASSM) at Cambridge Corporate University (CCU) is one of the most advanced business degrees and ranked on the top list of corporate programs worldwide with nine different majors.

In studying to earn a Business degree from Cambridge Corporate University, you will develop the capacity for independent critical thought and problem-solving, as well as other skills required in responsible positions in a wide variety of organizations and professions.

The degree entitled Bachelor of Business Administration at CCU lasts three years and includes a12-month major placement with 24 weeks BBA Project.

All Business Studies pathways are made up of 12 modules; each lasts for 10 weeks, represent theBBA course-track plus 24 weeks BBA-Project. The first two years cover the core course-track of the programs and are compulsory. The final year (third year) covers the major course-track and project.

Students admitted to the Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA) program atCCU can choose among nine different majors, providing that modules' grades support this choice.


BBA Students can choose among the following majors:

International Business

Computer science

Private Banking

Government & Economy

Pharmaceutical Industry Management

Computer science

Private Banking

Government & Economy

Pharmaceutical Industry Management

Why Students Come to CCU?

CCU is an educational and research University that teaches students how to master the new world of change and manage the speed and the scale of the process. Our BBA World-Class appeals to the new digital age needs and requirements, where diversity equals innovation and innovation equals wealth. We gather different thinking schools, research perspectives, and talented minds under one roof, and we ensure productive interaction.At CCU, our students and graduates are Masters of Wealth Creation and Value Generation.

Your BBA Learning Journey

Live Lectures

Scenario Cases (250)

Discussion Groups & Workshops 

BBA Program thesis

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