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The Master Degree with major in Digital Transformation (MBA-DT) is an innovative educational model of Digital Transformation offered via the Department of Business Innovation &Digital Transformation (BIDT) at the Albert Schweitzer School of Management in CambridgeCorporate University. Via an intensive, innovative futuristic curriculum and delivering methodology, students will master the world of Digital Transformation.

Innovation Management is a strategic activity that isn’t necessarily needed to implement thoroughly for every company. Most large companies have included structured processes that include administrative stages to following the (large number of) projects that are in progress and to be able to follow-up on them and calculate the effect of innovation management in general. However, for smaller companies, that is not general practice: having such a formal process in place simply doesn’t weigh up to cost efficiencies will generate. But for them, innovation management is just as important, but they rather use a toolkit than a formal process.

Program duration
18 months

Mode of learning


Weekly live lectures

Admissions &  Fee
Payment plans are available

Next Intake

6 April 2022

Why Students Come to CCU?

The World Class

CCU is an educational and research University that teaches students how to master the new world of change and manage the speed and the scale of the process. Our World-Class appeals to the new digital age needs and requirements, where diversity equals innovation - innovation equals wealth. We gather different thinking schools, research perspectives, and talented minds under one roof, and we ensure productive interaction.

CCU Curriculum

All academic programs at the Cambridge Corporate University are developed and taught by CCU faculty who are distinguished academicians, skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, award-winning authors, and entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Representing various disciplines, they remain close to practice through relationships with business and industry leader sand personal involvement as board members and consultants for top companies worldwide. CCU faculty leverage their business expertise and field-based research to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape management practice. You will not be surprised to discover that our modules and curriculum are only available at the CCU campus and not offered anywhere else


• Incremental Innovation

• Disruptive Innovation

• Business Innovation Model

• Innovation Culture

• Innovation Management

• Innovation platforms

• Digital Technologies

• Big Data & Business Analytics

• Digital Transformation & Business Strategy

• The Process of Digital Transformation

• Digital Business Models

• Technology and Policy

• Business Thinking and Digital Economy

• Agile Management and Innovation

• Digital Organization Capabilities

• Digital Legal, Policy and Ethical Issues

• Innovation platforms and national policy

• Impact of innovation platforms

• Digital business models and strategies

• Digital operations

• Artificial intelligence and business applications

Program Structure

  • MBA Crowd Innovation Core Modules (4 Modules)( each lasts 6 weeks 15 credits)
  • MBA Crowd Innovation Specialty Modules (4 Modules)(each lasts 6 weeks 15 credits)
  • MBA Crowd Innovation Specialty Modules ( each lasts 6 weeks 15 credits)

Cambridge Corporate University

Seeburgstrasse 20, 6006 Lucerne


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