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September 1, 2021


18 months, online


CHF 29,000

C a m b r i d g e
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3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Industry Management 'PIM' is the degree of choice for professionals working in the international world-class pharmaceutical industry.

The MBA-PIM at Cambridge Corporate University (CCU) is the first and only post graduate accredited degree with a major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management available worldwide.

The MBA-PIM is the only postgraduate degree that introduces students to 21st century concepts, tools, and industry techniques of the digital and artificial intelligence age of the pharmaceutical industry.

What You Will Learn

• Project Characteristics

• PM as art and Science

• Functional and Operational Management Role in Project Management

• Project Management within Organization Structures– Functional Organization,– Projectized Organization,– Weak Matrix,– Balanced Matrix,– Strong Matrix

• Product, Project, and Project Management Lifecycles

• Characteristics of Project Life Cycles

• Project Management Life Cycle

• Agile and Traditional Project Management

• Triple Constraint
This 6(six)   • Regulations and Standards

• Initiating Process Group

• Planning Process Group

• Execution Process Group

• Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

• Closing Process Group
• Project Organization

• Team Organization

• Dealing with Conflict

• Analyzing Project Problems

• Contingency Planning and Risk Management

• Project Reporting

• Change Control

• Project Evaluation and Completion

• Project Leadership Behaviors

Your Learning Journey

99 Video Lectures

Relationships with students

Yvon Pfeifer Writing Center (YWC)

Consulting with 

Academic Credits

  • The MBA-PIM_ Course Track_8(eight) modules_ (48 weeks)_ (120 Credits).
  • The MBA-PIM_Thesis/Project_(24 weeks)_ (60 Credits).
  • The MBA-PIM_Program can be completed in an average of (18 months)_(180 Credits)


Cambridge Corporate University is a symbol of excellence in Swiss Education; the University, itsInstitutes, and Centers are fully accredited by the international ACC accreditation commission.The University, its Institute and Institutes, and Centers are standing members of the Swiss QualityEducation Institute.

The CPI Institute of Graduate Studies (CIGS) at the CCU was invited in 2003 to become an official auditing member of the ACC Accreditation Commission.

Cambridge Corporate University world ranked Professors & Scholars participated in updating the ACC Commission guidelines for accrediting higher education institutes in Switzerland and Europe.Prof.Dr.C.Casparis (fmr., CCU-CAB), Prof.Dr. M.Ibrahim (fmr., CCU-CAB), Prof. J.Sellapapah (fmr.,CCU-CAB), Prof.Dr.Y-Pierre Pfeifer (fmr., CCU_President_ 2010-2020), and Prof.Dr. H. ElShazly ( CCU_President 2020-Present) were among those who participated in official visits to institutes of higher education in Sion, Zurich, and Geneva to audit their system including the School ofManagement Studies in Lausanne.

Early registrations are encouraged. Seats fill up quickly!

Flexible payment options available.

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