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The MBA-CI with major in Crowd Innovation is another Futuristic model of CorporateEducation offered via the Department of Business Innovation & Digital Transformation (BIDT) at the Albert Schweitzer School of Management in Cambridge Corporate University. Via an intensive, structured curriculum, students will master the art of Crowd Innovation.

Crowd innovation, an open-source approach to innovation that promotes collaboration both in side and outside the organization has become one of the most widely adopted innovation management concepts in mid to large-sized firms, spreading from Silicon Valley to around the globe.

The development of new products and services isn’t confined to one organization or country.Successful businesses are able to work with others to spot and develop ideas. This model is known as crowd innovation. To stay relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace, companies must continually seek ways to generate new ideas, share resources and innovate in order to remain competitive. Open innovation is a fresh take on innovation whereby a firm looks beyond its boundaries to exploit the creative power of users, communities and customers to co-develop new products, services and processes. Whether it is the fortune 500 companies that have used crowd innovation to transform their businesses (e.g. Proctor and Gamble and IBM) or even start-ups(such as Istockphoto); Crowd Innovation (CI), through tools like crowdsourcing or open-sourcing is disrupting markets ,and altering the nature of industries.

Why People Come to CCU?!

CCU is an educational and research University that teaches students how to master the new world of change and manage the speed and the scale of the process. Our World-Class appeals to the new digital age needs and requirements, where diversity equals innovation and innovation equals wealth. We gather different thinking schools, research perspectives, and talented minds under one roof, and we ensure productive interaction.At CCU, our students and graduates are Masters of Wealth Creation and Value Generation.

Topics covered in the Program Include:

Program Structure and Duration

  • The MBA-CI Course Track lasts for (48 weeks)
  • The MBA-CI Thesis/Project lasts for (24 weeks).
  • The MBA-CI Program can be completed in an average of 18 months

Cambridge Corporate University

Seeburgstrasse 20, 6006 Lucerne


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