Master of Science

in Inspiration Economy MSc-IE

‘The First and only Master program in Inspiration Economy worldwide’





The Master of Science in Inspiration Economy MSc-IE is the first and only accredited Master program in Inspiration Economy offered worldwide. The program is offered via the Department ofEnvironmental Sciences at the Albert Schweitzer School of Management (ASSM) in collaboration with the Swiss Centre for Strategic Studies (SCSS) at the University.

The program creates ‘Outcome and Legacy-Oriented’ And ‘Life-Purpose fulness-Driven’ graduates. This is a multidisciplinary master program that focuses on creating a mindset that sees opportunities in the challenges through the concept of inspiration economy.

The MSc-IE at Cambridge Corporate University uses the unique CCU corporate model focusing on the ‘Disruptive Learning’ approach to developing ‘Corporate and Community DevelopmentExperts and Leaders’ who have the ‘capacity to identify opportunities within the challenges’ and manage the future to maximise the outcomes.

The program focuses on real-world learning and offers students the opportunity to lead social and corporate projects. Based on the CCU unique model of learning, the program is delivered, guided and mentored by field experts, community social workers, civil leaders and multidisciplinary professionals passionate about the ‘inspiration economy’ concept and its potential impact on the world.


• To offer students a wide range of specializations, the opportunity to master the field ofInspiration Economy both in structural evidence-based approach and corporate format.

• To graduate leaders with the capacity to develop business and societies and meet the UNSDG’s, United Nations Sustain Development Goals (UN-SDGs) experts, especially in issues as poverty, youth, unemployment, migration, women, child labour, families’ instabilities, etc.

• To develop socio-economic experts who are able to address their countries’ development strategies and future foresight needs in relevance to household and communities’ development or mitigation of social risks.

• To graduate a new generation of professionals endowed with the skills necessary to develop, lead and spread the culture of Inspiration Economy.

• To bridge the gap between the Inspiration Economy projects and academic research and contribute to knowledge creation in the field of Inspiration Economy.

• To develop applied research in inspiration economy that would contribute solutions to actual problems.


I. In-depth knowledge of the Inspiration Economy theories, practices, methodologies, processesand tools.

II. The skills needed to successfully carry out inspiration economy projects across the technological and corporate fields.

III. The capacity to use inspiration economy approaches to solve complex business and social problems and develop corporate and public institutional strategies.

IV. The mastering of the tools to measure inspiration economy outcome and defining and implementing the use of IE- KPIs

V. The ability to communicate effectively to promote the inspiration economy culture and disseminate the practice in both public and the corporate spheres.

VI. To develop the capabilities to harness effectively the practices of Inspiration Economy with evidence-based higher quality intended learning designs.

VII. To carry out world-class research and development in line with Inspiration Economy strategic priorities.

VIII.To provide Inspiration Economy graduates with teaching and research activities to ensure international collaboration frameworks.

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